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Pedagogy and Design

PLAY+ products were born as part of the research path of the Infant-toddler Centres and Preschools of Reggio Emilia, in particular on the design of the environment in which children live. The pedagogical experience developed in the schools of Reggio Emilia is considered a reference of excellence at an international level, with an extensive network throughout the world and object/subject of research and studies, including those underway with Harvard University and MIT.


In children's environments, interior furnishings and finishes play a leading role, both because of their ability to influence children's perceptive and cognitive abilities, and because the sensory qualities of an environment are in close empathy with the way children learn - synesthetically - and because they are strategic in giving identity to an environment with the need for flexibility and mutability. For these and many other reasons, we have created the Soft and Solid product lines, to try to give our contribution to the creation of environments for children and teenagers that are multi-sensory, fun and beautiful.

The Reggio Approach

Pedagogical consulting by Reggio Children was part of the Play+ Soft project, starting from experience in Reggio Emilia’s municipal early childhood centres. Years of experience in these centres has seen the development of pedagogy that is attentive to quality in spaces and furnishings, both for infant-toddler centres and for preschools. 


The experience in these world-renowned schools has seen the development of an approach to education that gives great attention to quality in spaces and furnishings, with the learning environment (and the decisions we make to resource this environment) regarded as the Third TeacherThis sensibility has developed and grown thanks to an ongoing dialogue with architecture, design and the languages of art.


The PLAY+ design team were guided with pedagogical consultancy by Reggio Children, working with innovative new materials, to create a range of furniture for flexible, open-ended and inclusive spaces for children.


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