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Who we are

PLAY+ s.r.l. is a design furniture company born from an idea of Maurizio Fontanili in 2001 in Reggio Emilia (Italy), it produces children's furniture (mainly for 0-18 years), divided into two production lines, SOFT and SOLID, designed by more than 30 internationally renowned designers under the artistic direction of ZPZ Partners architectural studio based in Modena.


Our mission

The PLAY+ range of furnishings wishes to introduce new sensorial qualities into children’s environmental landscapes with visual and tactile softness, varied consistencies and rich chromaticism, reaching beyond a simplistic red, yellow and blue. This is our contribution towards complex and stimulating environments where children can experience the adventure of growing and forming their personal identities: a tool for exploring new ways of inhabiting spaces.

PLAY+ furniture is conceived according to children’s age and their degree of autonomy and plays a key-role in making the space “the third teacher”: it is an important educational tool, that foster innovation and uniqueness.

Our product lines

PLAY+ SOFT is a line of soft furnishings for children, composed of over 250 products, developed thanks to the pedagogical advice of Reggio Children and designed by internationally renowned designers. PLAY+ SOFT is the result of a laboratory path that involved designers, teachers, pedagogues and schools; they are therefore characterized by a strong component of pedagogical research and cover a wide range of types: three-dimensional soft landscapes, micro-places, transformable seats, games, carpets, modular forms, dens, shelters. They are all made of ecological material, fireproof and soft to the touch, with a carefully selected range of colours and textures.


PLAY+ SOLID is a line of furniture that assumes that the environment, inhabited by the child, should be understood as a set of spatial and sensory qualities. These qualities include architecture, furnishings, the immaterial qualities of space (acoustics, colour, light, material landscape) and the awareness that the functionality and aesthetics of a child's space tell and support a precise image of the child: a child capable of developing and producing knowledge using all its languages.

PLAY+ in the world

Our products furnish public and private spaces in many parts of the world; they are kindergartens, nursery schools, primary schools, libraries, airports, shopping centres, private homes, playrooms, ateliers, innovative spaces for creative experimentation.

Where will the next project take us?​


All PLAY+ furniture is made to order, we sell our products and services all over the world with shipping time according to the final destination and quantity.  

SOFT furniture has a standard lead time of 30 days manufacturing + 7 days delivery (Europe), or 4-6 weeks delivery (rest of world).  SOLID furniture has a standard lead time of 6-8 weeks for manufacturing and the same expected delivery lead times worldwide.

How to order

If you want to receive a quote for some products or request one of our services, fell free to contact us using the contact page or our socials, we'll answer you in 24h or just send an email at: info@playpiu.it

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